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At AquaLogic we specialize in water treatment consulting for Hospitals, Schools, Manufacturing Plants, Commercial/Institutional Properties and Government Facilities in the South Western United States. We work with you to provide precision water treatment in order to lower your total cost of operating while ensuring a safe, responsible work place for your employees and clients. From boilers, heat exchangers and cooling towers to sterilizers and humidifiers we conduct a detailed assessment of your needs and model the exact solution set required for optimal equipment performance. Once we’ve developed the water treatment model for your equipment requirements and environmental parameters we then produce the water treatment solution in an ISO 9001 manufacturing facility. By developing an exact water treatment solution we eliminate the guess work and environmental impact while reducing water and energy costs.

Water in the South Western United States varies greatly by region. Therefore the appropriate water treatment solutions are equally as varied. Flow, temperature, make up and environmental conditions all need to be evaluated prior to developing a water treatment solution. With years of experience and over 100 years of field tested expertise we stand behind our work 100% and have service technicians on call 24x7 to meet your needs.

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