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Aqualogic is a strong community partner.  We are positively  committed to minimizing any negative  effect water treatment has on the world in which we live.  We recycle almost 100% of the plastics used to store and transport our chemical.  When appropriate, we use solid forms of chemistry that reduce the plastic required to move and store chemicals.  Our chemical products are designed with equal attention to performance and environmental impact.   While the demands of every cooling system are different, when possible we use an oxidizing biocide that produces ten times less toxic by-product then chlorine.  Our non-oxidizing biocides are chosen with critical attention paid to tower discharge and environmental impact.  We have almost completely eliminated the use of heavy metals as corrosion inhibitors in all of our products.

Our company policy demands:

  • All regulatory guidelines are followed or exceeded
  • Chemical discharge is minimized
  • Chemical is designed with minimal environmental impact
  • Pursue the goal of 100 % plastics recycling
  • Minimize water use
  • Maximize energy conservation

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