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Empowering HVAC and Process Water Systems for Optimal Efficiency and Sustainability. We will create value for customer & company through servant leadership with winning strategy. Our comprehensive expertise goes beyond chemical treatments; it encompasses a strategic approach to ensure your water systems operate at their best while contributing to a greener future.

Leading the Way in Central Texas Water Treatment & Consulting Solutions

Our primary focus is chemical water treatment, specifically tailored for HVAC and process water applications. Our expertise encompasses comprehensive solutions for safeguarding against corrosion and scale formation in critical components such as steam boilers, chillers, and closed systems. Additionally, we offer invaluable project management and consultancy services to empower our clients to enhance their systems. We partner with our customers to identify opportunities for improving system efficiency, with a clear emphasis on potential returns on investment through reduced water consumption and extended equipment lifecycle.

Our extensive range of services has been meticulously crafted to be the one-stop destination for all your water consulting and treatment needs. We understand the significance and importance of your water heated and cooled systems, so we offer solutions beyond mere functionality to ensure the quality of your equipment and water is met with the highest standards.

Our Services

Elevating Water System Quality, Efficiency, and Sustainability Across Diverse Industries and Communities

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    Water Consulting Services

    Rely on our team of seasoned experts to guide you in achieving the pinnacle of optimal water management and upholding the most stringent water quality standards.

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    Water Treatment Services

    We specialize in advanced water treatment solutions tailored to your unique needs, ensuring optimal heating and cooling efficiency of your hydronic equipment.

Why Choose AquaLogic

Experience quality, efficiency, and trust with AquaLogic.

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    Benefit from our deep understanding of water treatment and process technology. Our expertise means solid chemical and mechanical water treatment solutions crafted to fit your specific needs, ensuring the lowest TCO and environmental impact for your operation.

  • Water Treatment Technology

    Experience our cutting-edge solutions for your water treatment and process needs with our state-of-the-art water treatment technology. You are always assured of the highest water treatment and efficiency standards with AquaLogic.

  • Personalized Solutions

    We go beyond off-the-shelf solutions. Experience a personalized approach where your unique water-heated and cooled systems, treatment, and budgetary needs drive the solutions we craft for you.

Who We Serve

Delivering tailored water treatment and consulting to meet specific needs by prioritizing water systems quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

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    Schools & Universities

    Schools & Universities

    Safe and Conducive Learning Environment Through Water Expertise.

  • Commercial Real Estate
    Commercial Real Estate

    Commerical Real Estate

    Securing your investment and ensuring workplace safety with our water treatment and consulting.

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    Government Facilities

    Government Facilities

    We ensure efficient infrastructure and the life cycle of your HVAC equipment.

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    We aim to support the community's health with safe, top-notch water treatment and consulting services.
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    We have integrated consulting and chemistry to ensure uninterrupted production and the lowest total cost of operation possible.